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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, feel free to give us a call or submit a contact form for a quick response.

How Do You Deliver Media Content?

We typically use Google Drive to deliver photos and videos. If you do not know how to use Google Drive, we are very familiar with the process and are happy to teach you!

For large video productions, we can either hand deliver the copies via SD card to your location for data transfer, or we can mail you an SD card with the content.

There is an online data transfer service we use once in a while called WeTransfer. We upload the files to this service and then WeTransfer sends you a downloadable file via email. This process is completely safe.

How Long Are You On Property For  A Real Estate Shoot?

This all depends on the size of the home and what the project details are (just photos or photos+video). Typically, for a single-family 2,000 sq ft home, you can expect us to be in and out within 2 hours or less.

Can You Put Property Lines On Drone Photos?

Absolutely! We use OnX to get the most up-to-date property lines. If the project is for newly developed areas that don't show on OnX, we ask for the Cadastral ID to make sure our property lines are up to date. Please note, property lines are approximate on our delivered images based off the angle which the photo was taken.

Do You Charge A Travel Fee?

Charlie is based in Missoula and Jordan is based in Bigfork. We generally do not charge a travel fee if the project is within a two-hour radius of our locations. This does however depend on the scale of the project.

How Much Do You Charge?

Pricing varies depending on the type and scale of the project. We have a general Real Estate Services price list and Commercial Video Services price list available upon request. Some projects do require a custom quote.

How Long Are Files Available On Google Drive?

We keep files and folders available on google drive for a few months. We highly recommend downloading and storing all of your deliveries on a backup hard drive. We do keep backups of deliveries for about two years on our own hard drives. So, in case a listing gets postponed or you lose your data, we have you covered!

Why Couldn't You Fly Your Drone For My Project?

We diligently adhere to FAA guidelines and laws. If your project is near an airport, we use various apps to determine the airspace in that area. Sometimes we are unable to put our drone in the air due to FAA laws near airports, where they have "no-fly zones", and our drone software prohibits us from taking off.

We always check our airspace limitations before a project to give you a heads-up if there are any restrictions. **Sometimes local airport restrictions do not show up on our FAA apps and we will be unaware of any restrictions until we are on-site**

We Need A Few Changes Done To A Video, What Do You Charge For Revisions?

For commercial projects, we typically deliver a "rough draft" for you to review music, text, etc. After we receive your feedback were make the changes and then deliver you a "Final Copy". We give our clients one free revision after the final copy is delivered. If additional revisions are needed, we may charge an hourly rate at our discretion depending on the changes that need to be done.

Exterior Is Ready For Photos, But Interior Is Not, Do You Charge For Going Back?

If there is a sunny day in the forecast before the interior of the house is ready for photos, then we do our best to make that happen for local projects and have no issue returning once the interior is ready. However, if the house is needing to list "asap" and we only have cloudy days in the forecast, we may charge a revisit fee for exterior sunny day photos at our discretion, based on project size.

My Son Has  Drone And Will Do The Drone Photos, Is This OK?

Unless the drone pilot is FAA Part 107 Certified, NO this is not ok. Real Estate photos are considered "photos for commercial use" and are against the law to use by a non-certified drone pilot. The drone pilot and listing agent can be fined up to $25,000 EACH if the FAA finds out. So, no, just don't do it.

My Phone Takes Great Pictures, Why Hire A Professional Photographer?

Yes, phone photo quality has come a long way in the past decade, it's true. But there are still many limitations phones have with delivering professional-looking content. As business owners and real estate professionals, it's in your best interest to have a professional portfolio and offer professional services to your clients.

What Do We Do To Prepare Our Home For Real Estate Photos?

We provide all our clients with a "photo day prep checklist" which can be downloaded below.

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