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At Big Bear Aerial Productions, our goal is to provide high-quality Real Estate Photographs, Video Tours, and Aerial Imagery while delivering excellent customer service. 

Professional photography is a must for modern real estate listings. We strive to provide you with the best quality interior, exterior, and aerial photography.

We provide HDR interior and exterior photos by using various equipment. Tripods, cameras, and lighting!

Download our home prep checklist in the lower section of this page to make sure your property is ready for photo day!

Get buyers excited about your listing with cinematic video tours. Video is more popular and more accessible than ever. Videos are great for sharing on social sites like Facebook and Instagram and boost traffic to your listing. Give your buyers a taste of the lifestyle they could be buying in a fun and upbeat way!

Aerial photography is a must for Montana properties. We use the latest drone technology to provide high-quality aerial photographs. We can also overlay plot lines on a select few photos to show potential buyers the property lines. We use OnX maps to base our plot lines, but sometimes supplying an updated plot map is recommended.

The biggest challenge of Interior Real Estate Photography is balancing the light in each room. To solve this, every interior image we take is made of three separate photos; a normal, a bright, and dark exposure. These three photos are later combined into one image using computer software and image editing. The result is a more balanced and evenly lit image that retains more detail in the dark and bright areas.

Download Our Real Estate Prep Checklist Below!

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New in the media arsenal!

Matterport 3D Walkthroughs

Example here:


Our photography services start at $175, Matterport 3D Tours at $200, and luxury video at $275.

For More Detailed Pricing Information, Please Contact Us For A Pricing/Services Overview

Why are window pulls and proper HDR lighting important? See below for some examples!

We Also Create Custom Floor Plans!

Galena Floor Plan Main Floor.png
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A Few Of Our Trusted Clients

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